How to Mirror on Procreate

I learned how to mirror in Procreate not too long ago and thought I’d share the five steps with you. Every time this geek out on my iPad, at least one person asks me how I do it. Even creators of the app were surprised when showing their parents how to do it during a work night! The software we use every day is subject to constant change and technological advancement.

How to Mirror in Procreate

To create a new layer in Procreate, go to the tool called “New Layer” and click on it. This will drop down more options for what you can do with the new layer, which is all divided into categories. When you are on the go, access to your phone’s camera is often limited. You can use Procreate’s mirrored mode to take screenshots of your screen and share them with friends on their devices, so they can draw alongside you. To mirror in Procreate, open the app and tap “Camera” under the menu on top. Then select “Mirror” to view your screen at a 45 degree angle, share your drawing screen with your friend or customer using Procreate Live Layers, or export an image file.

How to Mirror on Procreate

Portraits can be hard to come by for some, and it is understandable. But if you own an iPad and Procreate an image, all of your troubles can be solved with Photoshop’s MIRROR tool. You can use your iPad or tablet to not only see your favorite design layouts but can also transfer them to other services including Photoshop. Mirroring is probably one of the most popular features that people look for when they are using any photo-editing apps. Before this feature, whenever you took a screenshot on an iOS device, it would often have its green hue, especially if the green filter was on.

What’s the Best Way to Mirror in Procreate, How Do You Mirror in Procreate, What is the Best Way to Mirror

There are many types of mirroring including Line, Show Transformations, Show Overlays, Perspective View Mirroring, Reflective View Mirroring, Show All in my Maps Mirroring. The line is the ability to mirror in regular lines or freeform. It’s the default effect in procreate. Shows Transformations is all about manipulating your work using vector-style clipping masks. The line will distort when you change scales or objects are closer to the frame. So keep this in mind. Show Overlays are essentially effects that are added on top of your artwork without changing anything else on your canvas– just like a filter on Instagram or VSCO – which means they wipe away the original layers underneath without affecting them once applied

How to Mirror Drawing on Procreate

By pressing the options button on the right side of the mainframe and clicking the “mirror” icon, you can quickly transfer your current Procreate project to your computer. The mirroring process copies every drawing, layer, and color across so that you don’t have to manually mirror your artwork or redo what you just did. You can also minimize windows while working on a mirrored project so that other windows don’t distract you from the work at hand.

How to Mirror Drawing in Procreate

It is possible to mirror drawings on Procreate. The user can mirror the image of their iPad, iPhone, or Apple Watch on their iOS device. There are some limitations to this feature. The drawing must be done with the Procreate app itself, drawing straight lines or objects that have both sides can not be mirrored across each other- so square sides will remain square and so forth. In order to mirror a drawing from a website, one must save it beforehand in Apple Pencil file format within their camera roll folder.

Tips for Beginners

For first-time digital artists that are looking for an easier way to create professional-looking artwork, check out the new line of tools available on Procreate 2. If you are a beginner at Procreate or thinking of getting into digital illustration, this blog post provides helpful tips for how to safely navigate the process. 

The blog confirms that it is safe to use Illustrator layers when working with lots of vectors for your illustrations. There are also guides on how to save time with Procreate brushes and how to be able to import your illustrations later on your computer or tablet if need be.


You can download this pack from Gumroad or from the Procreate app on App Store! Procreate is a popular app for artists and graphic designers who need to create and edit visuals such as art, 3D animations, and written text. users can use brushstrokes to paint or sculpt with, use particle effects like fire or stars, and put different textures on pieces of the drawing to make it look realistic.

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